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The ranch is buried deep in the “Cordon del Plata”, in the Cordillera de los Andes, at 2454 m.a.s.l. Nature has provided Tupungato Hunting Lodge with hills, hollows, thickets and rocks making it ideal for the Red Deer and Wild Boar habitat and hunt.


There is a characteristic mountain weather: clean and fresh air with a bit of humidity typical from the area.
During the summer days are warm and sunny and nights are cool. Temperature may vary between 7ºC to 29ºC.
In winter, cold days with occasional snowfalls, temperatures range between -3ºC and 19ºC.


Because of the huge temperature range between day and night, it’s advisable to carry warm clothes in summer as well as in winter, specifically cold weather hunting clothing.
The most important thing you need is a good pair of hunting boots. Other items you should pack are gloves, sunglasses, a light back pack for the day, and binoculars.


What´s the travel documentation I need to travel to Argentina?
A valid passport is required. No VISA is required for U.S. citizens. There is an Argentinean reprocity tax of USD 140, when American citizens arrive to our country and it is valid for 10 years. It is to be paid upon arrival by cash or credit card. Residents of other countries have to contact their nearest Argentine consulate to obtain this information.

What documentation I need to enter firearms to Argentina?
The Firearms Importation/Technical Form must be filled out in triplicate for its control when entering or exiting the country. Before your hunting trip begins, you will be sent a firearm permit form to be completed, so we can work on the advanced paperwork. Gun import permit is approximately USD 140 per gun (it may vary). Three guns per person are allowed. Please, be aware that RENAR does not allow people to come in with Semiauto Rifles. Also, ammunition and cartridges will have to be dispatched in a hard box by separate as a registered baggage and hunters are not allowed to bring ammo without their correspondent guns. Please visit the National Registry of Weapons website for additional information www.renar.gov.ar

Is there any problem to carry my own rifle?
Not at all. You will need a firearm exporting and reimporting license issued in your country and a temporary Argentinean license to import your firearm. This procedure can be done at the nearest Argentinean consulate or embassy from your residence. You need to present passport and firearm documents. Once you are at the Argentinean airport you should deal with the firearm license, issued by Aeronautics Police and pay for the required fee. For further information visit the following web page www.renar.gov.ar

How do I have to pack the firearms? Firearms have to be packed in a locked and rigid suitcase. The glasses may be in the same suitcase. Firearms should not be part of the carry-on luggage. The bullets must be secured in a locked metallic suitcase, never in the weapon’s suitcase.

What is the best kind of weapon for this kind of hunting?
We recommend the 30.06 H.H, the 300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington, Magnum, 300 Ultra Magnum, 300 Weatherby Magnum, or similar ones.

What is the shooting range?
Shots are around 80 and 280 meters far.

May I rent a firearm?
If you prefer to travel without weapons, you can rent one at Tupungato Hunting Lodge. A great variety of excellent quality firearms is available for rent.

Is hunting archery allowed?
Yes, it is.

When do you consider the hunt over (when trophy is taken, when hunt period is over, animal wounded, etc.)?
We consider a hunt over when the duration of the reservation is complete. However, if a guest wants to extend a stay we can accommodate him subject to availability. If an animal is wounded and not found (there has to be a trace of blood), the entire trophy fee will be charged.

When is the hunting season?
The red deer hunting season starts March 1st and it ends July 30th while the wild boar hunting season lasts all year through.

How many days do you recommend the hunting should last?
We suggest to book our 3 Hunting Day/2 Nights Program

How do I get my trophy back home?
We will take care of cleaning, disinfecting and packing. Home delivery is not included in the rate.

Do I need to get vaccinated?
It is not required by law.

Are there any snakes in Tupungato Hunting Lodge?
No, there aren’t.

What guarantees does Tupungato Hunting Lodge offers? Our guarantee lies in providing the best hunting guides and hunting areas in the business. Our aim is that you obtain what want and that your expectations are fully accomplished. What is left depends on your job, luck and skills.